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West Island Bistro & Caterer   SOLD

If you are serious about owning your first restaurant generating additional income from the catering, this is the opportunity!

In an excellent location in the west of the island, this opportunity is a family-owned restaurant, offering catering services as well as home-cooked meals for busy families in the neighborhood. The current chef has won the top chef position for a big corporate kitchen and is ready to provide his service to the new owner. Easy to manage in a relaxing atmosphere, you can have a lifestyle, a good deal and a guaranteed income.


For more information, please contact Louisa Anton at  514-649-0505  or

Open   5 days week

Louisa Anton

Louisa Anton

Mrs. Anton is a business consultant with a vivid background in buying and selling small and medium-sized businesses. She excels at evaluating the MPSP (most probable selling price) and brings…

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