Profitable Restaurant Fast Food : Sous-Marins et Pizza (Laval)

Fast food restaurant with a brand name built for 12 years. The restaurant is well appreciated for its meals and its quality of service. Location with high visibility and traffic in Laval in addition to great demand for deliveries. Easy to operate, simple menu to realize no need for chef. Complete equipment to add your ideas or your concept or innovations for quick meals. Ideal for experienced restaurateur or family. 16 chairs inside and 16 outside.

VENTES ANNUELLES / YEARLY SALES – Projection – Forecast 642,000 $
Coût des marchandises vendues / Cost of Good Sold (COGS) 251,000 $

Please contact Sofiene Mankai  at (438)765-5838 or email

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Sofiene Mankai

Sofiene Mankai

Sofiene is an Industrial Engineer who is passionate about business development. He owned two companies and managed their daily life, so he understands perfectly the complexity of running a business.…

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