Major Fast Food Franchise

Anyone interested in owning a Mucho Buritto franchise would have the opportunity to own the best one in Montreal. Opened a bit more than three years ago in an excellent location this business show an income increment each year, and a projection for the next two years to reach more than a million in annual sales. The sales growth rate of 19.5% makes it an profitable concept with a secure income.

Buritto Mexican Grills have created a market niche, both of which are offering franchise opportunities, albeit with stringent application requirements. Even so, Mucho Buritto remains the market leader in this menu segment, with a great degree of capitalization, and public good will, as more people have embraced their environmental.
The food is free of artificial preservatives, fake flavours, and artificial fat substitutes.

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Louisa Anton
Louisa Anton

Mrs. Anton is a business consultant with a vivid background in buying and selling small and medium-sized businesses. She excels at evaluating the MPSP (most probable selling price) and brings…

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