Rare opportunity! Fruits Vegetable 7 000 sq ft store North Shore for sale

Amazing opportunity! Known for many years this Fruiterie offers delicatessen products, a beautiful variety of nuts, legumes and various spices on 7 000 square feet of fresh, and clean enviroment. Also the four well-stocked freezers feature many frozen fruits and vegetables as well as fish and seafood. Confidentiality is a must. Training will be provided by the owner. The owner is willing to accept a balance of sale.

For more details please contact Louisa Anton at 514-649-0505  or by email at lanton@investiprise.com

The NDA will be required in order to receive additional information.

Louisa Anton
Louisa Anton

Mrs. Anton is a business consultant with a vivid background in buying and selling small and medium-sized businesses. She excels at evaluating the MPSP (most probable selling price) and brings…

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