Driving School for Sale

A thriving driving school for sale, with sales increased each year. They have 3 locations in Laval, Quebec.
We all know the need for driving schools will always be wanted, so if you are planning on owning your own driving school why not purchase an existing one that’s already created a well know brand and has established a great relationship with its clientele.The owners have grown the company and are willing to let go in order to take on new challenges in life.

For more detail please contact Arto Khatchikian at 514 513-3379 or by email.

The NDA must be filled out before any pertinent information will be divulged.

Arto Khatchikian
Arto Khatchikian

Whether I help you to sell your current business or guide you in the process of making an acquisition, my attention to detail and strong negotiating skills will be an…

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