Petro Canada Gas Station with
very big Bonisoir Convenience Store

Total Income 2017                                 2 926 777 $
Increase from 2016                                14%
Down Payment                                       Negotiable
Seller Financing upon approval          Negotiable

Profit Margins 68% higher than industry-wide averages, according to IBISWorld Canada

Because it is profitable, and the owner does not need any special knowledge or skills.

Why does it perform much better than industry-wide averages?
Because it is well located, in an area with a speed limit of 50 km per hour, alongside a major highway of the Province of Quebec.
In addition to constantly adapting to its clientele, it has gradually selected partners like Petro-Canada, Sobey’s and the Société des alcools du Québec, to serve it even better. It has always invested in state-of-the-art modern equipment and technology to eventually become the only place to buy gas, eat and shop in the area.

How did it become the only place to buy gas, eat and shop in the area?
Because, what was initially a grocery store has evolved into a “If you need it they probably have it shop” with:
• The only ATM Machine in the area
• Gas Station with Regular, Premium and Diesel fuels
• Very large 4,200 square foot Convenience Store with Loto-Québec Lottery Sales, Ice and Propane Gas
• SAQ Agency offering wines and spirits, in addition to beer
• Baked on site bakery products, Cheese and Meat products, Fresh local products
• Ready to eat meals and pizzas cooked on site
• Picnic tables
• Community Mailboxes
• The only place to pick up deliveries from the regional Pharmacy
• Hunting, Fishing Permits, Access to Provincial Parks, Reserves and Controlled Areas (ZEC)

If it’s doing so good, why sell it?
Because the owner would like to enjoy early retirement, he will have plenty of time to train the next owner for a smooth transition over a few months, before full retirement. But first and foremost, he wants to make sure that whoever buys the Business will continue to improve it.

How can he be sure that the Business will continue to grow and become even more profitable?
In order to do that, he has to find the right person, someone that cares enough to bring it to the next level.

If you truly believe you are that person, call me for an appointment.
Robert Marchand , B.A., LL.B. CBI (514) 238-6053

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Robert Marchand (B.A., LL.B., CBI)

Robert Marchand (B.A., LL.B., CBI)

Since his early twenties, Robert has bought several existing companies, started many others from scratch and was successful in selling several of them. Like you, he knows what it's like…

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