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With Investiprise’s professional, discreet and personalized business brokerage services, you can purchase a business that meets all of your criteria with confidence and confidentiality.

Whether it’s helping individuals realize their entrepreneurial dreams or helping corporations expand through mergers and acquisitions, we ensure that your interests are protected before, during and after the transaction.

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Our Services for Business Buyers

Business Search

Our role is to help buyers find their ideal business. Business buyers know the type of business they want to purchase, so the first step is to perform a search to find a business with the right criteria. We will search within our broad database of businesses for sale, but to assist our buyers, we may reach out to businesses that are not officially for sale to see if there is any interest in selling.

Due Diligence Support and Analysis

Once a suitable business has been found, Investiprise will assist buyers in a due diligence process to help mitigate potential risks. This process involves a thorough examination of the business’s history, verifying the accuracy of the business valuation and ensuring there are no outstanding liabilities, such as unpaid employee benefits or government taxes.

Negotiation Support

Investiprise acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller of the business, explaining each party’s responsibilities and resolving any issues. Our goal is to broker a deal where both parties are satisfied and happy at the end of negotiations.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

In our role as business brokers, we ensure that both buyer and seller are represented by their own team of professionals, including lawyers and accountants. We assure that every aspect of the deal is compliant with all regulations and all tax implications are optimized.

Financial Guidance

Our expert business broker services can assist and guide clients in better understanding the financial aspects of the business purchase, including financing options, deal structure and budget planning. We deal with a wide network of financial institutions and can direct you to the one that is best suited to finance your particular type of business.

How to Buy a Business: Step-by-Step Guide

Initial Meeting and Fact Sharing

During the initial meeting, our business brokers will learn about the type of business you want to purchase, your budget, background, experience and other pertinent information.


The search for your ideal business starts with our database of businesses for sale and other industry-specific directories and networks. It might involve our team reaching out to businesses that meet your criteria, even if they are not formally listed for sale.


Once a suitable business has been identified, our business brokers help you structure and prepare an offer to purchase. These important details are presented to your legal team to be drafted.

Due Diligence

In this important investigative step of the process, Investiprise will perform a deep dive into all the financials and history of the company to discover any anomalies or hidden issues.


At closing, all documents have been reviewed, the buyer and the seller have signed off on the due diligence, any contingencies have been resolved and the details of the offer are agreed upon.

Post Closing

Investiprise’s business brokers are by your side even after the deal has closed, should there be any balance of sale issues, questions or concerns, or need for negotiation.

Why Choose Investiprise’s Business Brokerage Firm When Buying a Business?

Experienced Business Brokers

Our team of experienced business brokers is here to assist you in finding the right business opportunity that aligns with your goals. We’ve assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs in realizing their entrepreneurial dreams.

Specialized Services for Buyers

Our tailored services are designed specifically for business buyers, ensuring a smooth and efficient acquisition process.

Extensive Business Listings

Explore a wide range of businesses available for purchase, including options in Canada and online.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the Canadian business landscape and a broad variety of industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find a Business to Buy?

While there are a variety of online directories that list businesses that are available for purchase, the safest and quickest way to find the ideal business is to contact a licensed business broker. Business brokers already have a vast network of business owners who want to sell and can also seek out profitable businesses that are not being promoted as available for sale.

What Is Due Diligence in Business Buying?

Due diligence refers to the thorough examination of a business’ finances, structure, history and valuation before purchasing. It is a crucial step that allows a potential buyer to investigate and confirm the declaration made by the current owner and to confirm the value of the company and ensure there are no surprises after the purchase is finalized.

Buying an Established Business vs. Starting From Scratch?

There are several advantages to buying an existing company, including lower risk. Many start-ups fail within the first year and even more within the first 5 years. With a start-up, it may take some time before the business starts turning a profit but by buying an existing company, you can start improving and growing the business immediately. Additionally, by buying an established business, you are buying a company with sales, customers and a reputation, all of which are valuable assets. Finally, you are likely to get better loans from lending institutions for an existing business.

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