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June 27, 2024
3 Questions a Financial Planner Should Ask a Business Owner With Kids

As a financial planner who takes care of business owners, do you ever deal with clients who want to pass their business on to their children?  Taking care of the next generation may be an important value to your clients, and you are already heavily involved in making sure that the cash flow generated by […]

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April 9, 2024
Protecting Your Investment: The Importance of Due Diligence When Buying a Company

Whether you’re buying a business or selling one, there’s one vital step that can make or break the deal: due diligence. It may seem like a time-consuming process that takes a lot of effort, but it should never be overlooked. Just like you should never purchase a home without having an inspection, you should never […]

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February 5, 2024
Common Mistakes When Selling a Business

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a first-time seller, selling your business is a complex and emotional process that requires careful planning. Avoiding these 8 common mistakes will help ensure a smooth and successful transaction. 8 Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Selling Your Business Not knowing the value of your business Once the decision […]

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January 5, 2024
5 Important Considerations When Buying a Business

So, you’ve decided that you want to become an entrepreneur. While that’s great news, the work has just begun. There is a process to go through and a lot of questions that need to be answered, including what to look for when buying a business, how to evaluate a business, as well as what are […]

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December 5, 2023
How to Find the Value of a Business You Want to Buy

It’s pretty exciting when you’ve been searching for a business to buy and you finally find one that checks your boxes. But, how do you know if the business you want is worth the asking price? While complicated, it can be done with the right information, tools and partners. The most common method uses the […]

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November 5, 2023
Why Buy An Existing Business?

For many entrepreneurs, one of the most important decisions is whether to start their own company or purchase an existing one. For those entrepreneurs who believe they have an original idea or perceive a need in the marketplace, building a new start-up is the solution. But for others, buying an established business is the better […]

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