Which business brokerage service are you going to trust with the biggest deal of your career?

Trust Investiprise, a business brokerage firm in Canada that helps you buy or sell a business confidentially and offers expert business evaluation services.

We Bring Business Buyers and Sellers Together

As a professional business brokerage firm, Investiprise was founded with two goals: to provide business owners with a confidential and reliable way to post their commercial business for sale and to provide advice to prospective buyers seeking to purchase a business. Our goal is to facilitate the process of selling or buying an existing business - from the very beginning right until the end of all business transactions, and we always operate in a private and confidential manner.

Whether you’re selling your business or buying an established business, Investiprise provides its clients with the best business brokerage service supported by the necessary professional support and an efficient, seamless process so you can make the right business decision. 

Why Investiprise’s Business Brokerage Service Stands Out

Since 2014, the team at Investiprise has been different from other business brokers. Instead of real estate agents or ex-bankers, most of the brokers on our team are former business owners who can relate to the challenges that our clients are facing. We provide guidance with a more personal approach. 

We are motivated to help other entrepreneurs successfully transition to the next stage of their professional lives, just as we have. Whether the goal is retirement or acquiring a new business, we care about helping entrepreneurs succeed and our track record proves it.

Our core values include education, collaboration, and confidentiality. With the International Business Broker’s Association (IBBA) as our educational partner, our business experts keep up to date on industry trends and strategies. We attend training courses and conferences that allow us to network with other professionals from around the world.


Selling A Business

Selling businesses is our specialty. Once you’ve decided to take that next step in your professional life, our experienced business opportunity brokers will guide you through our streamlined and confidential process of selling your business, making sure you get the best possible price. 

Buying A Business

We are your business brokerage network. If it’s time to make the dream of owning your own business a reality, our team of business experts are ready. We listen to your entrepreneurial goals to find a business for sale near you that is tailored to your needs.

Evaluate A Business

What is your business worth? No question is more important to a business owner, so our business broker firm offers business valuation services to help you determine the current value of your business. What’s more, we’ll help show you how to improve that value!

Browse Our Listings

Not sure where to start looking for a business to buy? Simplify your business acquisition process by browsing our current listings. With our help, find a local business for sale that can make your dreams a reality.

Selling a Business

You may want to sell your business immediately or maybe you simply want to start planning for it. Whatever your situation, Investiprise helps you get the best possible price as quickly as possible. 

We understand there are many reasons you might be looking to sell your business.

  • You want to retire
  • You have health challenges
  • You are moving out of the area
  • You have gone through partnership challenges or a divorce
  • You are seeking new challenges or opportunities

Whatever your unique reasons, an experienced member of our business brokerage company will guide you through the entire process of selling your business. Investiprise has the software data, brokerage tools and experience to work with you to establish your company valuation as well as the Most Probable Selling Price (MPSP), ensuring the proper value for your enterprise is established.

Investiprise has a confidential and rigorous vetting process so that your business broker only presents you with potential buyers who are serious, fit the culture of your business and are financially qualified. Once you approve the potential buyer, our business transition advisors will walk you through a step-by-step selling process with your accountant and lawyer, completing the legal documents required for a smooth transition. Together with the buyer’s accountant and lawyer, our industry professionals facilitate a successful business transaction.


Buying a Business

If it’s time to embark on a new adventure, count on us to help you purchase a business with confidence and confidentiality. We make buying a business a seamless experience by providing professional, discreet and personalized business brokerage services to our clients. If we can’t find the right type of enterprise for you in the marketplace, your professional business broker can actively research and look for an ideal match outside the market.

At Investiprise, our mission is to help individuals realize their entrepreneurial dreams and help corporations expand through mergers and acquisitions. We ensure that your interests are protected before, during and after the transaction. Professional and confidential advice from an Investiprise business advisor can make the process of buying a business a stress-free, efficient and enjoyable experience.

Our network of professionals

  • Business Consultants
  • Commercial Real Estate Broker
  • Brokerage From overseas
  • Lawyers & Notaries
  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Immigration Consultant
  • Landlords
Evaluating a Business

You’ve made the decision to sell, but how much is your business worth? Business valuations are essential tools to help you understand the value of your business and how to improve it, especially if you’re planning to sell it within X years. An experienced member of our business broker firm will help guide you through the process of our comprehensive business evaluation services. At Investiprise, we work closely with each client, using advanced software data, brokerage tools and industry experience to establish the Most Probable Selling Price (MPSP) so the proper value for your enterprise is established. We are a certified business valuator who wants you to get the most out of your business and dedicated hard work.

Why You Need To Know The Value Of Your Business
  • How do you determine at what price you should sell your business?
  • What should you pay for a business you are interested in buying?

  • Does your partner want to buy you out? Who determines that value?

  • You and your spouse share a business but now you need an independent evaluation.

  • Your parents want to sell the business to you and your siblings want an objective evaluation.


Listings: Businesses to Buy Near You

Searching for a new entrepreneurial venture? Browse our listings for local businesses for sale. Our business brokers can help find the perfect opportunity for you.

Why Buy or Sell Business with Investiprise?


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Meet our Brokers

Ron Wiebe

C.B.I, A.E.O. Founder-President


Ron’s strong desire to serve the business community helped create Investiprise. Ron believes that all entrepreneurs deserve professional service they can afford and trust. Since the beginning of his profession, Ron has been heavily involved in the ongoing and continuing education in Business Brokerage and Commercial Real Estate. Ron and the Investiprise team stays up-to-date and current to best serve their clients.

[email protected]

Brahm Blumenthal

Business Intermediary


After 30 years of experience as a garment manufacturing and importing business owner, Brahm now works with entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners. He helps them to create exit strategies to sell their business for the best price possible, and can also work closely with buyers to uncover opportunities to purchase a business that will provide the Return on Investment and quality of life that they are looking for.

[email protected]

Steve Schmidt MBA, CBI

Business Intermediary


Having worked for large companies and owned his own businesses, Steve has experience in both manufacturing and distribution. His French Canadian mother blessed him with two languages and his immigrant father taught him about hard work. As a dedicated networker and a skilled communicator, he brings company buyers and owners together so that a negotiation is a collaborative, beneficial process for all parties.

[email protected]

Amiram Ehrlich

Business Intermediary


With 25 years of experience as a skilled Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Consultant and Business Broker, Amiram possesses an intuitive understanding of business needs. Specializing in optimizing operations, processes, and growth strategies, along with preparing owners for exits, he has extensive involvement in buy/sell transactions for small to medium-sized companies, covering assets and share sales.

[email protected]

Comprehensive and Confidential business brokerage services by Investiprise

Comprehensive and Confidential business brokerage services by Investiprise

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